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Annual Christmas for the Veterans/Troops

Shropshire Law Firm supports the brave men and women who fight for our freedoms. In years past we packaged and shipped Christmas care packages to the Middle East, and most recently we supported Hope For the Warriors, a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the lives of injured service members and their families. In 2016 we directed our focus to local service members who have returned home to Whatcom County by contributing to their education needs as they transition back to civilian life. A “Thank You For Your Service” scholarship fund has been established at Whatcom Community College for these service members who have been injured on deployment or have otherwise honorably served in the military.

If you are interested in helping us fund this scholarship, or to learn more, please visit the Whatcom Community College Honorary and Memorial Funds page where you can learn more about the scholarship and, hopefully, make a donation.  All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support.

Steve and Amy


Thank You For Your Service is an endowment established this year by Steve Shropshire of Shropshire Law Firm in Bellingham. The scholarship and support is awarded to students who have served in active duty or who are currently serving in a reserve capacity for any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. Steve Shropshire established the Thank You fund after providing Christmas care packages to our troops in war zones for many years. Last year, he started the scholarship “because we want to help our local heroes if we can. Hopefully, we can keep this scholarship going for years to come,” Steve said. With 22 donors, including clients and friends, raising over $22,000 this year, the Thank You scholarship is making a real difference for the veterans who study at Whatcom Community College.

WCC student Cody Zimmerman said of the Thanks support he received: “It means a lot to know that you and other members of the community appreciate and support our veterans as we transition from our active duty military lives into new career paths. Transitioning wasn’t easy at first. It wasn’t until I started attending WCC that I began to feel that sense of purpose again. I feel like I’ve been thriving in the academic environment, and I’m finally starting to feel well adjusted. I plan on graduating in spring 2017 before moving to a four-year university to complete a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. School is not easy, but even the smallest amount of help can lead to big results later on down the road.”

Steve Shropshire adds: “We give tremendous credit to our friends and clients who have helped us so much with their generosity and appreciation for our military men and women; they deserve it.” We echo that for all our donors. Connect your passion with student dreams. The WCC Foundation encourages scholarships tailored to donors’ interests and passions. Contact us at foundation@whatcom.edu or 360.383.3320.

Source: Whatcom Community College Annual Report/50th anniversary edition.
To see the full report visit whatcom.edu/50.